The own winery makes big part of Hotel Rustikal. The Rustikal winery is separated part of hotel complex located on historical street Na Hradbách (250 meters far away from hotel main building). The winery was founded in 2007 based on family tradition a owner‘s passion. Gentle processing of reduced harvest technologies and controlled fermentation gives the wines a special character and taste. The Rustikal winery is proud of 12 ha of own vineyards belong to winery are Podhůří. Thanks to these vineyards the winery can grow all the grapes needed for their own production. The annual winery production is around 20 000 bottles.

The Rustikal winery focuses rather on quality dry wines but to make the customers happy also makes sweet wines.

Wines from the Rustikal winery are determined to make visitors stay more pleasant and perfectly complete the hotel restaurant sortiment.

You can buy our wines on the hotel reception and in the hotel restaurant or directly in winery opened in summer months.

The hotel winery and Rustikal winery are ideal spaces for any kind of private or company events. Your event may be enriched by guided wine degustation of our wines, guided tour of wine making process or tour of vineyards. To make a reservation and schedule of your event you may contact reception on phone +420 775 565 760.